Yuuukichi is my main tumblr account aka my personal account where i oftenly spending my time there. Posting/reblogging about my alltime obsessions and fandom. Which is everything related to my 2D Husbando, Anime, Drama Cd, Seiyuu, OTome games, stupid posting about everthing which are almost random stuff.

p/s this is the place where u will see the other side of me and the beutiful friends of mine.....WARNING..this is not the place for those who doesnt have the same interest.

Colours In The WInds

ColoursInTheWInds are my artblog or should i say my sketch blog. This is a place where i mostly upload my current works, doodles, assignments and projects randomly.Snow are my branding name for any arts/ works i done.

Facebook Page

MOstly the post are from my art instagram YanaSnowChan@Instagram and updates from my sketch blog

Portfolio Website

Website still under constructions since im still having a little slightly problem with the html :)

yukichanmon & namasayayana

Yukichanmon is my main twitter where i tell almost everthing i feel, from my fangirling life, personal and stupid stuff. Its also the place i almost hang out myself all time next after my personal tumblr......A place where u can directly ask me anything

NamaSayaYana Is my other or 2nd account that where i only accepted people that i know from schools and university. The place where i only talks about schools and normal stuff. which mean is a boring life side of me

YanaSnow Chan

A place where i hang out with my family members, school mates and university colledges. I rarely post something and status overthere since it wasnt a place for a fangirl like me coz everyone would be freak out.(i do prefer twitter@tumblr only) . Eventhough you wont see that im always online but i always checking things and some stuff over there and also those likes and repost from groups that i like

Besides its also the one and my only fb account.

The Accounts of
Snow @ Yana